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Welcome to “The Parent Success Coach” YouTube Channel: Your Guide to Empowering Parenthood Join me, Hillary “The Parent Success Coach,” an Award-winning educator, certified parent coach, and devoted mother. With 30+ years of expertise, I’ll guide you through parenting with purpose.

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Expect expert tips to get your child success in the classroom as well as parenting tips focusing on communication, behavior, motivation and resilience. Explore emotional intelligence, character development, and open communication skills.

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About Hillary Hillary D. Simpson

Hillary D. Simpson is the founder of Enterprises, LLC and  an award-winning educator, certified parent coach, and author with over 30 years of Award-winning educator and parent. She has passionately dedicated herself to empowering parents and transforming the lives of school-age children facing challenges with motivation both inside and outside the classroom. Through her expertise, Hillary equips parents with invaluable skills and proven strategies to ignite a transformative shift in their children’s mindset, paving the way for them to transcend self-doubt and embrace the empowering belief of “I can.” 

Hillary is on a mission to guide and impact 1 million parents whose kids struggle with a lack of motivation with the tools they need to thrive by 2033.

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Change Their Mindset Change Their Future

Getting a child to get things done who always seems to be saying “I can’t” can be difficult. In her talk, Hillary Simpson takes you on a journey to unravel the barriers preventing your children from believing in themselves and achieving greatness, empowering you with actionable insights to make a profound impact on their lives. By delving into the deep influence of the stories our children tell themselves, Hillary illuminates the path to rewrite their narratives, setting them on a trajectory of triumph and personal fulfillment. Attendees will walk away equipped with the right language, critical strategies, and age-appropriate skills for their child’s stage in life to help them succeed.

Unlocking Your Child’s Potential: Empowering Mindset Shifts For Lasting Success

With an impressive background as an award-winning educator, certified parent coach, and experienced author, Hillary Simpson brings her expertise to a mission of empowering and guiding one million parents whose children face motivational challenges. By providing the necessary tools and support, she aims to ignite a transformative journey for these parents and their children, leading them toward a thriving future by 2033.

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