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Parent's Guide to Thriving Through the Teen YearsJane Cabrera, The Parent Success Coach, author of “The Parent’s Guide to Thriving Through The Teen Years” audio program, is a nationally recognized parenting expert, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator. She has impacted numerous families through her highly informative, fun and interactive presentations.

With two teenagers of her own, Jane can quickly relate to many of your own experiences as a parent of teenagers. Her down-to-earth, energetic, and experiential presentation style touches audiences. Workshop participants report on being able to implement what they learned from Jane’s guidance immediately.

Since 2008, Jane has been certified as a parent educator through the International Network for Children and Families.

International Network for Children and Families

Jane is the expert on behavioral dynamics. Through her energetic and fun presentations, she teaches audiences how to recognize what is going on in the relationship, and strategies that can be taken to improve immediately. Some of her most popular talks are:

“Understanding the Four Types of Misbehavior”

Is your teen annoying, loud and silly? Does your teen exhibit angry rages that sometimes scare you? Is your teen so unmotivated that you worry about his future?

Teen behavior can range from one extreme to the other. In this one hour teleseminar you will learn why these behaviors work for your teen, and how to respond effectively.

Learn how to:

  • Identify six emotional needs
  • Understand why teens misbehave to meet these needs
  • Recognize the Four types of misbehavior
  • Respond to each type of misbehavior

“Power Struggles – Dynamics and Strategies”

“In a minute Mom.”
“I’ll take out the garbage if you drive me to the mall first.”

Do you find yourself negotiating with your teen about almost everything?
Is “Yea, but” the response to almost everything you say?
You may be engaged in a power struggle.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to recognize a Power Struggle
  • Understand why we all (especially teens) love to engage in them
  • Four ways to get out of power struggle
  • Three ways to avoid power struggles from beginning in the first place

“Revenge – Breaking The Cycle”

Does your teen blame you and others for his problems? Does your teen say hurtful things to you in anger? Does your teen lie, steal or destroy stuff? These are signs of revenge.

Here is what we will explore:

  • Understand the dynamics of Revenge
  • Learn how revenge becomes a cycle
  • Learn how to recognize Revenge (it’s not always obvious)
  • Effective strategies to break the cycle

“Boundaries – The Limits of Love”


Does your teen have a disrespectful attitude when he communicates with you? Is your teen engaging in behaviors that are not acceptable to you? It may be time to set some boundaries.

One of the most difficult things about setting boundaries is knowing what your boundaries are in the first place. In this interactive and highly engaging workshop, we will explore why it’s so hard to define boundaries in the first place. Parents will walk away with heightened clarity and confidence in their ability to make immediate improvements to their family dynamic.

Learn How To:

  • Understand the difference between physical and emotional boundaries
  • Recognize when it is time to set boundaries
  • Discover the barriers to setting boundaries and how to overcome them
  • Communicate boundaries in clear language
  • Prepare for the reaction from your teens
  • Enforce your boundaries with love and confidence
  • Utilize the “Unspoken Rules” of boundaries to bring harmony to your family

These presentation topics are available as a

Keynote, Breakout, Seminar or Multi-Day Workshop.


The behavioral dynamics relate to people of all ages.


The talks can be customized for your audience, and are appropriate for women’s groups, business groups, classroom teachers, and any event with a family focus.

Professional Speaking

Jane is a graduate of “Power Speaker Training,” a professional speaker training program conducted by Power Business Mentors International.

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Recent Engagements

November, 2011 – National Association For the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida.

National Association for the Education of Young Children

February 2012 – National Relationship Empowerment Tour, Jacksonville, FL

National Relationship Empowerment Tour



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