Dear Parent,

Is life with your teenager a daily frustration? Do you feel like you wake up every morning dreading the torment that awaits you? Have you done everything to try to connect and communicate with your teen only to find yourself in the same old fights and power struggles? Are you exhausted from endless and mindless arguing over almost everything?

As a person on the personal growth path, you have read the books, listened to the audios, attended workshops and seminars. You may have even gone for traditional therapy or taken a coaching session or two. You’ve tried positive thinking, affirmations, etc. And yet you may still find yourself struggling with family issues.

Can Daily Habits Be Changed?

I would be willing to bet that you have a solid understanding of many behavioral and psychological concepts. And although you understand these things intellectually, you may not have managed to integrate this knowledge into your daily habits. You may try to remember the techniques, or try to re-focus your thoughts on positive affirmations. But, it doesn’t come naturally. And your family isn’t going along with it anyway. You may feel adrift and disconnected from your loved ones. This was not what you expected your family life to be like.

Here’s the Good News!

Daily habits can be changed with personalized coaching to create stronger more loving bonds for life. Personalized coaching allows for communication on a deep, personal level. The personalized, private setting allows for you to share your authentic feelings without fear of being judged or criticized. As you experience being able to express yourself to another person who is able to fully accept who you are and where you are, you will begin to accept yourself. That is a powerful starting place for real change.

In preparation for our initial meeting, you will be given a questionnaire that allows you to reflect on your life, and situation. Clients report that just taking the time to reflect and answer the questions often begins the process of seeing things from a new perspective. Our first meeting will allow you to elaborate in depth about your situation, and together we will clarify the elements of the problem that can effectively be addressed through your coaching program. Together we will set achievable goals, so that you can gain confidence in your progress.

Everyone has their own “private logic.” This is a way of thinking or behaving that has become habitual because of some belief developed in their childhood. Our “private logic” can work in our favor, or it can be a stumbling block that gets in our way. If you find yourself having the same negative experience over and over again, chances are you’ve developed some “private logic” that is getting in your way. Through the “Inside/Out Approach”TM we will utilize a diagnostic tool to uncover this private logic very early in your program. Together we will develop an action plan that begins improvement right where you are.

As you begin to implement change, it is natural to experience feelings of doubt and fear. In addition to your own emotions, those closest to you in your family sometimes feel out of control, and may react negatively to your changes, even though your changes are in your best interest and theirs Coaching is extremely powerful during these times. I will keep you focused on your goal, and encourage you through the hard times. I will also help you to understand the reactions of your loved ones, and teach you ways to help support them through your changes.

Personalized Coaching Is Customized to Meet Your Needs

Your program is customized to your particular circumstances. You will have a workbook with specific practices between each session. Your workbook will be created as we go, so it is customized for your situation and rate of growth.

Here is an example of a typical  program:

Family Harmony Coaching Program:
Includes (12) One Hour Sessions


Family Harmony Coaching Program for Couples:
Includes (12) 90 Minute Sessions


Session 1

Initial consultation and defining your solution outcomes.

Session 2
Identify dominant behavior patterns and how to effectively redirect for instant results.

Sessions 3-4
Identify hidden personal beliefs, the role of emotions, and how they affect your family.

Session 5
Discover and explore perspectives of birth order and sibling rivalry.

Session 6
Replace negative motivational messages with encouragement.

Session 7
Explore gender bias for powerful insights on your family dynamic.

Session 8
Set boundaries and learn how to hold your children accountable for their actions.

Session 9
Explore authority and authority figures and learn how to teach your children self reliance.

Session 10
Identify your attitudes about money and how you are passing these on to your children.

Session 11
Understand the concept of cellular memory to empower you as a family decision maker.

Session 12
Assess results and set an action plan.  Learn a tool for continued family harmony.

Here is how Jane will support your success:                         

  • Develop a clear picture of your family situation and how to instantly improve step-by-step.
  • Empower you to build mutual respect, resolve conflicts, and create effective teamwork within your family.
  • Understand your role in the family dynamic and learn strategies to increase your influence.
  • Challenge your fixed beliefs to uncover faster, easier solutions.
  • Empower you to take effective action that will allow you to enjoy a more fulfilling family life.
  • Increase your confidence in your role as a parent.
  • Empower you to assist children in becoming self sufficient, responsible and self confident.

Investment:    Individuals:   $2,800           Couples:  $3,500

Includes 12 personalized weekly coaching sessions by phone and unlimited email access for 6 months.


Contact Jane Cabrera to enroll today and change your family’s life forever!

Jane Cabrera
Phone:  954-257-1151