Parent's Guide to Thriving Through the Teen Years

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Jane Cabrera, The Parent Success Coach, is the author of “The Parent’s Guide to Thriving Through The Teen Years” a six part audio program. Jane is a nationally recognized parenting expert, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator.

Jane is also a parent with well adjusted, successful teenage children. Like so many parents, Jane raised her children while working full time, and knows the realities of juggling family, career and social life. Educated in transformational coaching and behavioral dynamics, Jane brings together the best of these disciplines to create lasting results for you and your family.

Since 2008, Jane has been certified as a parent educator through the International Network for Children and Families.

International Network for Children and Families

She is a certified instructor of “Redirecting Children’s Behavior,” a 15 hour parent education program, and “Redirecting For a Cooperative Classroom,” a 16 hour program specifically for classroom teachers.

Redirecting Children's Behavior

As a professional speaker, her down-to-earth, energetic, and experiential presentation style touches audiences. Workshop participants report on being able to implement what they learned from Jane’s guidance immediately.

Jane’ s personal experiences as a parent of two teenagers coupled with her continuous education make her the ideal parent success coach to help you wherever you are in your family relations. By understanding your specific dynamics, Jane works privately with parents like you to develop a clear picture of your family situation and how to improve step by step, right from where you are.

Jane Cabrera


Jane Cabrera

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