Discover Real Strategies for Today’s Parents That Guide

Your Family Through the Teen Years and Beyond

Most Parenting Programs Only Focus on ‘Fixing’ Your Child …

Yet Parenting Expert,  Jane Cabrera, Empowers You with Proven Solutions That Create Lasting Lifetime Results!   

More and more, people are becoming aware that fear and force are ineffective methods to motivate others. Yet, they often feel frustrated when they don’t know what else to do. It can be extremely painful and disruptive to your household when you experience constant arguments, disrespectful interactions, or the silent treatment. Over time, you may begin to doubt yourself, your skills and your intuition when it comes to parenting.


With relevant information and strategies, parents can adjust
their approach and improve their communication in a way that
builds lasting, loving relations for their family


Here at the Parent Success Coach, we believe strongly in our unique Inside/Out Parenting Approach™ where all change first comes from within. We believe that parents are the ones who are in the best position to make lasting positive influences on their children. We support parent success with a proven step-by-step process.

Learn How To:

▪ Resolve conflicts without power struggles.

▪ Discipline without yelling, hitting or scolding.

▪ Assist your children in becoming self-sufficient, responsible and self-confident.

▪ Stop family fights.

▪ Plan for ‘genuine encounters’ with your children (away from TV or phone).

▪ Empower your children to solve their own problems, offering them guidance.

▪ Replace negative motivational messages with encouragement


Jane Cabrera, The Parent Success Coach, is a nationally recognized parenting expert, speaker, and workshop facilitator. She has impacted numerous families through her highly informative, fun and interactive presentations.

With two teenagers of her own, Jane can quickly relate to many of your own experiences as a parent of teenagers. Her down-to-earth, energetic, and experiential presentation style touches audiences. Her coaching clients report on being able to implement what they learned from Jane’s guidance immediately.

Jane was a wonderful, warm, and charismatic teacher. She was empathic yet stood firmly behind the guiding principles of the class, thus creating a great environment for people to feel comfortable, share their triumphs and sorrows and bringing the class together. She was dedicated that all students in the class have the opportunity to process and apply the information shared during class and in their personal lives. She was wonderful.”
- Olga B, Ft. Lauderdale
“I started Jane’s coaching program with the expectation of learning skills I would use sometime in the future, but what actually happened was more immediate. It was like this stronger person hiding inside of me suddenly decided to show up and handle my life right here, right now. Jane’s coaching methods brought out abilities I didn’t realize I had to handle crisis events calmly and without drama. Thank you Jane!”
- Karen M, Hallandale Beach, FL

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